A Guide about GHD Beeping Problems

Ghd beeping problem? The Ghd beeping function was introduced on the 4.0 models and all the ghds afterwards. The beeping function is designed for a beep when they turn on and another when they are ready to use. Very good, but what if your ghds are beeping more than they should? You have a problem and the beeping is to warn you of this. We advise to stop using them immediately and send them for repair.

So what’s the problem? If they randomly Ghd beeping from time to time when using them then it will be a power cable problem or with the power cable connector inside. The ghds will be turning off due to a intermittent power fault. They will be losing power for a short time and then when the power connection is made again there will be a beep. Just like if you were to turn them on and off as you are using them.

Ghd Beeping problem all the time? This will be a warning that there is a fault with a component on the circuit board inside. It’s is quite often a problem with the thermostat inside. It can be a fault with a resistor on the circuit that has blown. We can diagnose and repair all of these problems at our fixed fee price. With no extra fees for any expensive parts like other repair companies charge for.

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