GHD Returns and how they work

We are an independent company and in no way linked to GHD themselves. We cannot help you track any ghd returns that you have filed. This page is designed to offer information surrounding GHD returns and how they work when you send any item back to GHD themselves. The following advice is what we have learnt from customers and ourselves over the past few years when dealing with GHD Returns.

GHD Returns Under 2 Year Warranty

GHD are great at dealing with GHD returns when your item is under 2 years old. Simply contact them on 0845 330 1133 or via the website. They will file a return for you and supply a free postage label for you to send them off. They will then send you a new replacement item. This however is not always the exact colour, so if you have a nice pretty special colour, ghd do not guarantee that you will get the same colour replacement.

The GHD returns proces from sending them to receiving a replacement usually takes between 10-14 days.

GHD do not do repairs. The word ‘repair’ is frequently mentioned on their site and by the staff. A little naughty we think. This is why you will get a replacement pair ONLY IF UNDER 2 YEARS OLD.

Don’t be worrying if you don’t have the original box, or if you haven’t got the receipt (eg. you may have been given them as a gift). GHD can tell the exact age of them from the codes that you will be asked to supply.


If your warranty tag is missing from your power cable this may be where you begin to have issues filing a ghd returns claim.

ACCIDENTAL DAMAGE?! Be very careful with this little detail. If you have damaged the plastics or the power cable in any way, GHD CANNOT HELP YOU. If your item has stopped working and is showing any sign of accidental damage, it is possible too that ghd may say that the fault was caused by the ‘accidental damage’. To avoid any issues with this we always recommend calling ghd to file a return and be clear and honest about such issues. If ghd cannot help please see the info below…….

GHD Returns Outside of the 2 Year Warranty 

If your GHD item is outside of the 2 year warranty or if it has accidental damage. GHD CANNOT HELP. Remember ghd no longer carry out any repairs despite their frequent use of the word. If your ghd item is out of warranty you will be told by GHD that they are either NOT REPAIRABLE or you may be quoted a ridiculously high quote for repairing them. All a little ironic really as the repairs department doesn’t actually exist. In either case you will be given the option to accept a £25 discount off a new pair (or there abouts)… this tends to work out much cheaper than their ‘repair quote’. The other option would be for them to send your item back to you with a charge of around £10 for you to pay. WE REPAIR GHD can help! We started our GHD repairs company literally after a similar experience with GHD Returns. GHDs are an expensive item to buy new, and there is no need to. We specialise in repairing GHD hair straighteners that are no longer in warranty and/or have been damaged accidentally. We are sadly unable to help with GHD hair dryers or curlers. All models of GHD made since 2001 (with the exception of the new eclipse and platinum models) can be fixed by using our GHD REPAIRS SERVICE at £29.95

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