What to do if you have a GHD Broken Plug

Ghd Broken Plug? No problem! There really is no need to send your GHDs off to us if you only have a broken or damaged plug. 


GHD plugs are very easy to fit and on all models made before 2013 they can be removed and replaced within a minute with no need to cut and rewire the cable.

A GHD broken plug can be dangerous and should be replaced immediately.

If your plug looks perfectly fine and your GHDs have lost power, it is very unlikely to be because of a faulty plug. GHD plug fuses don’t simply blow for no reason at all. Many people try replacing the fuse in the plug when their GHDs stop working. IT NEVER WORKS. The plug fuse is designed only to blow if there is an electrical problem (eg The live and neutral are touching inside the cable). Therefor if the plug fuse was blown, it would only blow again immediately.
The GHD plug is a low cost part ideal if you have broken or bend one of the pins on your plug, or indeed if the outer casing of the plug is damaged in any way.

Buying the correct replacement plug from us is the best and easiest thing to do in such circumstance. DON’T CUT THE CABLE AND FIT THE INCORRECT PLUG that you have purchased from a random hardware store. We send plugs quickly in the first class post so you wont have to wait long before it arrives.
Need a replacement GHD plug?


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