A Guide about the Common GHD Buzzing Noise Problem

Ghd buzzing noise problem? This can be what people describe as a crackling, buzzing or sparking noise. And that’s exactly what a Ghd buzzing noise is. An electrical short somewhere inside is causing tiny electrical sparks and a subsequent Ghd buzzing noise from inside. More often than not it is a problem with the ghd power cable and the power cable connector inside the straighteners. You may also find your ghds beep on and off randomly when using them if you have this problem.

If you have this ghd problem we would strongly advise you to stop using them immediately. Continued use could cause injury or fire.

We replace all parts that are causing the problem with the latest ghd revised parts to minimise the problem ever recurring.

Please note whilst a GHD buzzing noise is one of the most common cable faults, it can also come from other parts of the electrical circuit inside.

A Ghd buzzing noise, for example, could also be the result of a heater that is failing or on rare occasions a faulty component on the circuit board.

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