A Guide about GHD Heater Problems Ghd heater problems?

Ghd heater elements can sometimes crack or more commonly the connecting wires get damaged due to age. In either situation we will replace the GHD heater elements that are faulty and check all other components, within you ghds, to ensure safe and reliable use in the future.

Your model may have just one plate warming up or both plates may not be working. Either way we can repair them at our fixed free cost. We never add any further charges for ghd heater element replacement.

As with any GHD that we repair, we will always temperature check your GHDs to ensure that they are performing to the specific temperature that they should. On older models of ghds, a heater element failing can cause total loss of power to the entire unit. This is only the case on models that don’t have a beep when turned on. This can sometimes be noticed on the early models as the unit’s power can become intermittent when the plates are pressed together and released.

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