A Guide about GHD Melted Plastics

Ghd Melted Plastics? If your GHD melted don’t be alarmed. This is very easy to say. But here we can explain why they may have melted and also how to avoid  making the situation worse in future. 

GHD melted plastics is sadly something that we see more than we would like to. We don’t think it should ever happen, but it does. Counterfeit GHDs are famous for melting, but it happens to genuine ones too. It seems to happen to any model in the mark 4 and 5 range where the temperature is controlled by a processor which reads a sensor to control how hot they are. These models beep when powered on, and again when they are ready to use.

On all melted GHDs the story is nearly always the same…the second beep never happens. If your GHDs melted you will more than likely have the same story. This is because most melted GHDs have done so within the first minute. They have obviously overheated. GHDs are designed with a thermal cut out and 99 times out of 100 this is very effective and keeps us safe.  Sadly however on rare occasions this can fail just a little too late, the result being melted plastics. The overheating happens when a fault occurs with the sensor or the controller which reads the sensor. It can also happen when the heater on the sensor side fails. This means the ghds never ‘think’ they are up to heat and continue to heat up one the opposite plate until the power is stopped by the thermal cut out or the person using them.

This is all terrible but it can all be put right using our repairs service. We will replace and clean up any damaged areas. we will replace the parts that have caused the overheat and carry out our full temperature testing as we always do with any GHDs that we work on.


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So How Can You Stop GHDs Melting?

As a GHD user you can’t stop this happening, and this is not to scare you, it’s simply to make you aware. This is a problem that we see but it is by no means a common GHD problem so don’t worry too much.
We strongly advise any GHD owners who’s models have the beeping function, just to use this feature as it should be used.


Always stay with your GHDs when you first turn them on, until you hear the second beep to say that they are ready. Many people who have horror stories of hair damage and plates melting away when using them have not done this. It is so easy just to begin using them as soon as possible, especially when getting ready in a rush. But Don’t! again to help prevent damage to your hair should this ever happen to your GHDs ……

By following this rule you will drastically reduce the chance of ever damaging your hair or yourself. Remember in most cases of GHDs melting this happens within the first minute of them being turned on and the second beep sometimes never happens.

If you ever turn your GHDs on and the second beep doesn’t seem to be happening, and you can smell a STRONG smell of burning and / or you can physically see things melting – Turn them off immediately.

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