A Guide about GHD Power Cable Problems Ghd power cable problem? If your ghd is turning on and off depending upon which position your cable is in then this needs replacing. You may also hear a crackling or buzzing noise when you turn them on at the mains. This is a short happening inside the ghds and may sometimes even give off a small amount of smoke or a burning smell. If you ghd cable isn’t functioning as it should we strongly recommend that you stop using them immediately and get a repair. Continuing to use faulty ghds is dangerous.

Another problem that is linked to the power cable problem is the ghd power cable connector inside. This can also show similar problems of intermittent power when the cable enters the straighteners. When we repair ghds with these symptoms we always check both the cable and the connector and often replace both parts to ensure future reliability and safety. On models that beep when turned on the intermittent power caused by a cable fault can mean they often randomly beep on and off when using them.

Another sign to look out for. Power cable problems are not always visible to the eye. If yours has cuts in the wire and obvious damage then it may be no surprise that you are having a problem with your ghd power cable. However sometimes the cable looks fine but may be damaged inside due to the ghd power cable being the part that gets so much wear and tear over the years.

If your ghds have this problem simply book a ghd repair with us and we will not only fix the problems but also check all other components to check they are working as they should be and that everything is just as it should be for reliable and safe use in the future.


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