A Guide to How We Repair GHD Loose Plates Ghd loose plates or heater fallen out? This can happen not only after the ghds have been dropped on the floor but also this can just occur from old age.

The plate holders that fit behind the ceramic plates to hold them in place are probably damaged. If this happens we strongly recommend to stop using them immediately. This problem can cause the plates to fall out of the straighteners  which can cause exposed wiring and also there is a risk of burns if they are being used.

If you are having this problem please book a ghd repair with us and we will not only replace the required parts but check all other components to ensure safe and reliable use in the future. If your ghds have stopped working since the plate has come loose you may also require a new heater element to be fitted. This isn’t a problem and additional ghds repairs are all included in our fixed price. If the plates have become loose because the ghd arm plastics have broken we can also sort this out for you. Please see our broken arms page.

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Our GHD REPAIRS SERVICE IS £29.95 – Always!

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IMPORTANT – Ghd loose plates cannot be glued – the plate holders must be replaced. Using Super glue to repair ghd loose plates can cause more problems and dangers. Ghd plates rely on clips and not glue.

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