GHD Power Cable Type 2 – Newer Mk4 Models

GHD Power Cable Type 2 - Newer Mk4 Models

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Replacement GHD power cable Type 2

Colour: Black


  • 4.2 Type 2see below for info 
  • SS4.0 Type 2see below for info
  • MS4.0 Type 2see below for info 


Model number can be found on the inside of your GHD arm

ghd sticker

ALL GHDs made before 2012/13 have an EU cable as standard with a UK plug adaptor. Simply unscrew your old plug and use it on the new cable that we supply.

If you need a cable with the UK plug please see our other items in our GHD Power Cables category

how-to -fit-ghd-plug


Most models are just a straight forward selection of your model to get the correct cable. Owners of 4.2b, ss4.0 and ms4.0 models will notice that there are 2 different cables to select. Please look at the photos below as a guide.

ghd power cable type 1 and type 2 ghd ss4.0 power cable type

A  ghd power cable TYPE 2 will fit all ghds of this model with the ‘dimple’ pattern on the end of the ghd arms

If you have a TYPE 1 GHD Model please see our other ghd cables section

The original type 2 ghd cable and connector used on this model has a design fault. Ghd have now upgraded the cable and connector used on this model to prevent the problems that it causes. We supply the new style cable and the replacement connector to fit all effected models. This requires the connector to be replaced but makes for excellent reliability for future use.

ghd type 2 cable

how to fit ghd cable connector


ghd plug

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